14 augusti 2015

Another conference, another presentation

This weekend, I am in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the NordMedia 2015 conference. Media and communication researchers from the Nordic countries are gathered to share the latest research in our field. In the journalism division, where I spend most of my session time, there are presentations on the sharing economy in news, data journalism, social media in journalism, professional practices, framing, media economy…
     Earlier today, I presented a work in progress as part of a social media in journalism-panel together with Aske Kammer, University of Southern Denmark, and Anders O Larsson, University of Oslo. If you are interested, you can download my presentation via this link:
     Work in progress: Patterns of use among Swedish journalists on Twitter (pdf)

Related: Aske Kammer’s NordMedia 2015 in review, in which he summarizes the conference and our social media in journalism panel.

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