12 november 2016

Busy days in Prague for European media researchers

Rasmus Kleis Nielsen, the Director of Research at the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford, giving his keynote on Platforms and publishers: coming to terms with a new digital media environment.
This week, I have attended the ECREA 2016 conference in Prague. I haven’t had the chance to se much of the city, instead I've listened to many interesting presentations on the latest European journalism research. I leave Prague with lots of inspiration and some quite good ideas for future research (I hope).

I also had the opportunity to present my own work in progress on Social media logic in journalism: reshaping the profession. It draws on Swedish journalists’ Twitter account presentations (n=2,543), and shows how social media logic not only determines how journalism can be enacted on Twitter, but also how social media logic shapes hos journalists present themselves and their profession to their followers and peers.

Footnote: Axel Bruns, who chaired ”my” session, has a nice summary of my presentation on Snurblog.

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