25 maj 2018

My presentation on the private side of j-tweeters

Today, at the ICA annual conference i Prague, I presented my latest study on Swedish journalists’ branding practices on Twitter. In this study I focus to what extent journalists include professional and private attributes in their Twitter presentations (bios), and how this has changed over time.
     The findings are quite surprising: the share of Swedish j-tweeters that include professional attributes has dropped, though only slightly and from a high level, and the share that include private attributes decreases even more – only a minority include private attributes in their presentations. This is most likely an answer to organizational demands (to be part of an overall organizational branding strategy) and because of the increased level of threats and hate against Swedish journalists.
     The study draws from a content analysis of Swedish journalists Twitter presentations (N=2,543 in 2014, and N=2,161 in 2017).
Download (pdf): The private side of journalists. Changing practices in journalists' self-branding on Twitter over time

Axel Bruns is constantly live blogging from the presentations. His summary of my presentation is here: Attributes in Swedish journalists' social media profiles

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