29 juli 2013

On skeptics, conformists and activists

Researchers at the university in Galway, Ireland, has recently launched a national online survey with questions on how, why and in what way Irish journalists use social media. The questions correspond rather well to those in the latest Swedish Journalist Survey that Monika Djerf-Pierre and myself wrote an articel on (The Social Journalist, published in Digital Journalism), and I'm really looking forward to be able to compare the results.
     An educated guess is that the Irish researchers will find some similar patterns among the Irish journalists as those we found among the Swedish, for example substantial differences in the use and level of usage among different social groups of journalists. Furthermore, the media in Ireland are in many respects not comparable with the media in Sweden, and therefore the patterns of social media use may be different for example when it comes to the degree of private vs. professional use.
     You can read more about the Irish survey (and about Irish research on journalism) at the blog Digital Humanities & Journalism.

On the blog, the researcher Marie Boran has written a nice review of our article, headed Skeptics, Conformists and Activists: How and Why Journalists Use Social MediaThis review provides a very good summery of our article, and I'm really flattered that someone has taken the time to do such a thorough reading!

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